Treatment of benign and malignant breast disease and surgery
 Treatment of diseases and surgery of the thyroid (goiter , nodules and tumors diagnosed by needle biopsy)
 Gastro-intestinal surgery (stomach, small and large bowel, good and bad treatment of malignant diseases and surgeries)
 Surgeryanal area(hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulas)
 Hernia surgery (inguinal, umbilical hernia and the operative site)
 Ingrown hair surgery
 Pilonidal sinus(open or closed flap methods, and treatment)
 Feet corn
 Ingrown nails(fullor partial nail extraction)
 Discharging Abscess
 Fat glands
 Removalof lipomas
 Laparoscopic surgery(gallstones, appendectomy)
 Endoscopic procedures (gastroscopy , colonoscopy)