Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases

Cihan Hospital, Department of Child Health and Diseases; It provides services to children aged 0-16 years with preventive health services and early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The aim of this section is to provide healthy children; health of children with deterioration in the shortest time and the right way to restore the old health.


In this chapter:

  • Robust Child Tracking,
  • Protective Child Health Services,
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Diseases,
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of Growth and Developments,
  • Vaccine Applications,
  • Establishment and Monitoring of Vaccine Program,
  • Childhood Screening,

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all child diseases between 0-16 years of ageral Practice of Pediatrics are carried out.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit doğan is the part where all the new born babies are given the necessary support and care. Newborn intensive care unit, physicians and nurses with the necessary care and care is given to all the diseases analysis and diagnosis is made meticulously.