General Intensive Care

General Intensive Care

The intensive care unit has a very important place in total health care because of its vital support to all critical patients. With the contribution of advanced technology, intensive care services have shown great improvements in recent years. The improvements in the average life expectancy of societies and the contribution of these efficient developments in intensive care units are very important.


Intensive care is possible with a multifaceted teamwork. It is not possible to provide effective and high quality vital support and treatment in the intensive care unit without the support of all surgical and internal branches, highly advanced technology laboratory and imaging (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography v. B.) Center for 24 hours.


In the intensive care unit where optimal support can be provided in all critically ill patients from the first age, all serious emergency cases can be effectively intervened immediately. GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT has been serving for 24 hours with its young and experienced staff. Our patients are followed up by one nurse and their treatment is continued by experienced intensive care physicians. In the GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, there is no concession from the Scientific and Ethical approach.


If necessary, all imaging techniques (CT / computed tomography, MR / magnetic resonance, digital x-ray, ultrasonography etc.) can be performed at any time.


Artificial breathing apparatus at the beginning of each bed, all patients can be monitored with the most advanced techniques. A continuous kidney machine (Continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration / PRISMA) may be used as needed.