General Surgery

General Surgery

In the past, it was the field where all interventions and surgeries were carried out under the name of external di, the general surgery which gave birth to many surgical branches as a result of the development of medicine was the branch of surgical medicine dealing with certain regions and diseases. The Department of General Surgery works in coordination and cooperation with many branches due to the wide area of interest.


Traumatology is another area of interest of general surgery. Because of the presence of multiple organ system injuries in traumatic patients, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, heart and vascular surgery departments work together. Generally, the Department of General Surgery undertakes the coordination of all these branches of medicine, especially in severe multiple organ injuries.


Private Cihan Hospital General Surgery outpatient clinic; Any attempt can be made for diagnosis and treatment with endoscopy. Especially the interventions that shorten the treatment period of the patient are successfully applied. Laparoscopic devices allow shortening of postoperative recovery time, and the patient can return to normal life in a short time with faster recovery.


Services Provided in General Surgery Polyclinic:

Surgery and treatment of gastrointestinal system surgery (stomach, small intestine and large intestine).

Anal region surgery (Basur, fissure, fistula)

Turning (pilonidal sinus)

Laparoscopic surgeries (gallstone, appendectomy)

Endoscopic procedures (Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, rectoscopy)

Types of hernia.

Thyroid diseases (goiter, nodule and tumor) treatments (needle biopsy)

Breast diseases benign and malignant mass and tumor treatments (needle biopsy).