Neurology EEG-EMG

Neurology EEG-EMG

What is Neurology?


Neurology is a medical science that deals with the brain and its extension, the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system and muscle diseases. It deals with anatomy, physiology and diseases of the nervous system. Neurologists are involved in the treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord and surrounding nerves. These diseases:


Headaches, Migraine

Temporary and permanent paralysis due to vessel obstruction,

Intracranial or spontaneous bleeding due to high blood pressure,

Dizziness-imbalance and drowsiness,


Diseases of the epilepsy (epilepsies),

Sensation of numbness, burning, tingling, weakness and weakness in the hands and feet,

Consciousness, loss of consciousness, coma

Facial paralysis,

Gait disorders, loss of balance, speech disorder, (parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis-MS etc.)

Involuntary movements, tic disorder, tremors in the head and hands

Other diseases leading to muscle weakness are side effects of some metabolic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, etc.

If You Have One Or Some Of The Following Complaints:




Visual impairment (double vision, blurred vision, loss of vision)

Arm and leg weakness, numbness, tingling, tremor

Memory disorders

Unconsciousness, fainting

Involuntary movements, gait disturbances, loss of balance

Sleeping disorders

Your Opinion with Neurologist in the Shortest Time


Our hospital has a full-time neurology outpatient clinic, an emergency outpatient clinic, an intensive care unit and inpatient services. Electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) examinations, magnetic resonance (MRI) and tomography (CT) are applied.