Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

Special Cihan Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department, our dietitian by following the latest innovations in nutrition, in this direction, our patients in the right way is to raise awareness. We see adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition as a preventive and curative health education and all the trainings related to the subject are given within our hospital.


Inpatient Services


After the patient is admitted to the hospital, the physician, dietitian, nurse works as a multi-disciplinary, patient and disease-specific nutrition program is planned and implemented by the dietician. The patient's nutritional status is monitored at regular intervals and the patient and his / her attendant are informed at all diet stages. If necessary, the patient is given to the patient in writing and orally while the patient is discharged.


Clinical Services


Weight gain programs

Sports Nutrition

Feeding diseases of the gastrointestinal tract


Nutrition in cancer

Pregnancy and lactation and Gestational diabetes

Diabetus Mellitus nutrition

Hypertension and thyroid nutrition

Cardiovascular diseases and nutrition

Child and adolescent nutrition education

In all diseases such as nutrition in liver and kidney diseases, nutritional principles and healthy nutrition programs are carried out using devices showing body composition analysis. With the help of these devices, body fat percentage, muscle mass and water ratios can be observed more clearly and personal diet programs can be arranged in this direction and information about the general condition of the patient is taken at frequent intervals.

We evaluate you as an individual with your lifestyle, eating habits and physical activity.


Adequate, Balanced And Healthy Nutrition


All information is formulated as a lifestyle with healthy balanced nutrition principles practically in every situation of our life, practically all the information in diet and health. Appropriate lifestyle with healthy choices, small changes in the level of food and activity, games in the taste range, importance of meals, quantity adjustment are provided by the training provided.


Diet is not done by being hungry, to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of health is dangerous. The important thing is to be weakened by regular and adequate nutrition. Please do not play with your health to get short results. If you want to eat healthy and get your ideal weight, get help from a dietitian.

Different methods are used to detect obesity. Body mass index is one of the methods used. Body weight is obtained by dividing the weight in meters by the square of the height (weight (kg) / height (m2)).


In every period of life, it is necessary to take your nutritional elements complete for a healthy, productive and quality life. Over or underreporting of these elements causes health deterioration and many chronic diseases in advanced ages. Some foods consumed by everyone can have different effects on different people because everyone's metabolism works differently. For this purpose, a healthy diet program should be used only by that person. Everyone's nutrition program varies according to the person.


In order to obtain a proper eating habit, you can get information from your nutritionist and dietitian, and you can live a more happy life by feeding more properly.