Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary Function Test

Shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, chest tightness and chronic lung disease is an episode of attacks. In the early stages of the disease and in the crisis, the patient is completely normal. It is quite common. It is more prevalent in developed countries, with 10% in some countries.


It is a hereditary disease. It is triggered by many factors. Especially factors such as ALERJİ, domestic and environmental air pollution, psychological problems and stress, SMOKING, cold weather, exercise, some drugs, some occupational environments, upper and lower respiratory diseases, chemicals, cleaning agents and perfumes, gastric reflux can trigger asthma.


Smoking is a very important factor, it is a big risk factor. In children with smoking houses, asthma is triggered. During pregnancy, smokers are more likely to develop asthma in their babies.


In some cases, there is a simple finding as a DENTAL COUPLING, while in some cases there are very severe dyspnea and wheezing attacks.


It is often accompanied by upper respiratory allergies, colds, sneezing, and nasal obstruction may accompany asthma symptoms.


The most common house dust mites (akar or mayt, together with ticks, live with limbs, which form the majority of the acarina subspecies. They are fed by the dust and particles of the skin pouring out of the human body. It has billions of mites in the human body. Mites that live in humid areas and cause asthma can be seen through a microscope. There are mites growing up to 5. 5 microns in size. 1 g of skin is enough to feed 1,000,000 mites, there are 156 kinds of mites. They pose great danger to human health.) cat dog hairs, tree and flower pollen, mold fungus allergy.


Although it is quite easy to diagnose during the crisis, it can be difficult between the crisis. To do this, you will need the Pulmonary Function Test, Allergy Test, Lung X-ray, Some Blood Tests.


Although treatment can be managed in the early stages of asthma, only complaints can be controlled in advanced stages.


The most important drugs are inhaled inhaler (spray and powder medications). They are extremely safe and do not make habit. It can be used safely during pregnancy.


Some of the drugs are used as comforting in times of crisis, and some are drugs that prevent the crisis and control asthma. If they are used regularly, patients do not progress to asthma. If these medications are not used regularly, asthma progresses and complaints persist. Regular Chest Disease Specialist control is important.