Radiology Laboratory

Radiology Laboratory

With the 16-section CT device available in the Private Cihan Hospital, full body imaging can be performed in very short periods and the image richness is increased in 3-D studies. These devices can be performed CT angiography examinations for all vessels in the body.


Ultrasonography (US)

By listening to the heart with stethoscope, the structure and diseases of the internal organs can be seen immediately by ultrasonography, which is a simple and comfortable application. The fact that ultrasound working with ultra sound waves (ultrasound) has no harm to human body is another advantage of this examination technique. Due to this feature, it is one of the leading preferences of periodic checkup programs.


Color Doppler (RDUS)

Doppler device, which is an advanced stage of ultrasound technique, shows the vein network of the body, the circulation of blood within the veins, the efficiency of the circulation and the flow rate of blood.


Diagnostic devices presented at Cihan Hospital Imaging Center:

1.5 T Magnetic Resonance

Multislice (16-detector) Computed Tomography

Ultrasonography (US)

Color Doppler Ultrasonography (RDUS)

Conventional X-Ray

Bone Density Measurement Device