Cihan Check-Up


Regular checks are one of the best things to do to improve the quality of life. With a very short check-up, you can learn about your health and illnesses. More importantly, you can do timely treatment with early diagnosis.

The world is changing, the ecological balance is broken. Living conditions, stressful work environments, environmental factors, changing dietary habits make most of us sick. Early diagnosis of many diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease saves lives. The biggest assistant of early diagnosis is the controls that can be performed at certain times of the year.

Health is our most valuable treasure. Every healthy individual should have an examination at least once a year without becoming ill. Especially since childhood is the period in which the foundations of a healthy future are laid; screening during this period is an important step for early detection of diseases that may cause organ damage by giving signs at later ages.



Check-Up, aka “personal health screening tespit, is aimed at detecting possible illnesses in the early period and taking precautions and thus keeping the person healthy. "Personal health screening"; Although there are no obvious complaints, people are beginning to occur secretly, diseases and diseases, yet to detect the early stage of the examination and examinations.



Modern medicine aims to keep the person healthy by taking the necessary precautions before the disease emerges. Because after the disease has emerged, the treatment is much more expensive and the health is now deteriorated once. That is why, even if there is no complaint, every person should go through a general health check-up periodically. These periods may vary according to age and general condition of the person. Early and accurate diagnosis of coronary artery diseases, cancer, hypertension and many other diseases which are the diseases of our age is of great importance both in terms of survival and quality of life. In addition, early diagnosis and regular treatment is of great importance in diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes which cause insidious progress for years without causing any symptoms and without causing any complaints in the patient, and damaging vital organs such as brain, heart and kidneys. Even a symptom that you think is insignificant can be a precursor to a very important disease. With the help of examinations, it is possible to change some vital habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, regular exercise recommendations) by detecting some internal symptoms. In this way, future diseases can be prevented and disease progression in the initial stage can be prevented. Disease associated with check-up can be screened and suspicious findings may be encountered. In addition, research can be deepened according to people's complaints.. Don't expect to get sick to see a doctor. Please note that the treatment of many diseases is only possible with early diagnosis.

Do not miss the opportunity of early diagnosis and treatment by having your health check-up once a year.



  • Female VIP Check-Up (Under 40)
  • Female VIP Check-Up (over 40 years)
  • Male VIP Check-Up
  • Breast Cancer Check-Up (under 40)
  • Breast Cancer Check-Up (over 40 years)
  • Prostate Check-Up
  • Standard Check-Up
  • Children Check Up