Cihan Hair Transplantation

Hair is the most important element in the appearance of people. One of the first features that comes to mind among the personal characteristics of each individual is the feature of their hair. The appearance of the person can be changed completely by changing the hair.

The fact that hair is sparse or not at all affects people's self-confidence and can cause psychological problems rather than physical aspects. Although hair loss does not physically affect human health in any way, being depicted with the word bald causes people to experience problems in themselves and in their social lives.

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Hair loss is a problem that usually occurs in the anterior or vertebral region of the scalp due to genetic or environmental factors. Because the hair on the back of the scalp is insensitive to testosterone, the hair in this area is permanent so it does not fall out unless there is a different health problem.
In hair transplantation, permanent hairs taken from the back of the head are planted in the front and top areas. Hair transplantation is a permanent process, so the transplanted hair is not shed later. In hair transplantation, the root of the hair is called a graft. A micro-graft is a condition where the root taken with the hair follicle is smaller than the hair follicle. This is also called the micro FUE technique.

In micro FUE technique, small holes of 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm are drilled. The grafts on the back of the head are removed and planted in the front and top of the hair. Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 grafts can be taken. The total number of grafts taken provides approximately 7,000 to 12,000 hair follicles.
At the beginning of hair transplantation operation, the scalp in the head is numbed locally with ether fluid. After local anesthesia, hair follicles are drilled by opening holes as many grafts taken to the region where hair transplantation will be performed. Micro FUE technique with hair transplantation process seamless, incision, painless, leakless, is an easy process.

Hair transplantation with micro FUE technique can take about 6 hours. The operation is performed in a semi-sitting position under local anesthesia. There is no need to remain in the same position during this operation. During hair transplantation, patients can easily listen to music, watch TV, use tablets and even read books. Short breaks can be taken to meet a number of needs.

With the micro FUE technique, a design that is closest to natural hair can be obtained. Patients who have previously undergone hair transplantation with the FUT technique but do not find the appearance of their hair natural can also benefit from the Micro FUE technique. Gaps in the scalp can be removed in the same way. Hair transplantation with micro FUE technique, hair loss can be applied to people of all age groups.


Plastic surgeons in our center established on the treatment of hairlessness by making hair examinations of the treatment plan and transplantation of hairlessness is giving detailed information. In this examination, the degree of openness or rarity is measured. The health condition and frequency of hair follicles focused on the hair loss on the nape are examined. If your hair on the back of your nape is enough to cover your opening HAIR TRANSPLANTATION treatment is done. If this field is not appropriate, information about other methods is provided.


No one wants to understand that the hair is transplanted after having the plantation, so when you create your hairline, the shape of your face, eye and eyebrow structure is examined by creating the most appropriate hair line for you. The decision is taken into consideration in consideration of your opinion with you. In men, there is a light V-shaped natural image going from side to side. Rarely, this shape may vary according to the person. Our goal is to make the most natural plantation with new hair on your face. The fact that your planting is natural depends on your hair line being natural. Old planting in sparse in general, planting hair in a tree-like standing, hard hair, stiff output, coarse planting and the formation of a standard hair drawing causes everyone to understand that you planted hair. We are able to give the natural appearance to our customers who come to our clinic in this way by densifying their hair and creating a new hair line.