Obesity and Metabolic Surgery

"Get ready to open the door to a new life with our Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Unit!"

Our services

Slimming Surgery
Tube Stomach
Gastric By Pass (Roux En Y Gastric By Pass)
Revision operations (for those who gain weight again)
secondary procedures)

Methods to help weight loss

• Stomach Botox
• Stomach balloon

Surgical Treatment of Diabetes

• Transit Bipartitition

Why Choose Us?

1. Experience:

Obesity and Metabolic Surgery operations require advanced laparoscopic surgery experience and skills. With a successful surgery, the patient returns to normal life in a short time. It gets rid of concomitant diseases such as excess weight and diabetes. The solution of postoperative problems that may arise from lack of experience is quite laborious and time consuming. Our team Assoc. Ali Harlak has 15 years of management experience and hundreds of patients. It works with high patient satisfaction.

2. Medical Ethics:

Our hospital and metabolic surgery team take great care to treat patients according to scientific requirements.

3. Required Infrastructure:

Our hospital offers medical staff, operating room and intensive care services and metabolic surgery services in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Health.

4. Always availability:

Our patients can reach their physicians directly or by telephone 24/7 in case of any problems during the treatment process. Our team is always at your side with all your questions and problems with a smiling face.