Our Quality Activities:

Teams and Committees Working within the Scope of Quality Studies:


Quality Management Unit


It is among the duties of the Cihan Hospital to plan, implement and evaluate the quality management system improvement studies to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Hospital Quality Standards and Quality Management Systems in Health, to evaluate the suggestions, to organize and coordinate the units for implementation and to follow up the applications.


The Quality Management Unit has been established for the purposes of the department to evaluate the results of the analysis performed by the department, to manage self-assessments, to ensure that all standards are implemented, including patient and employee safety.


Patient Rights Board


Private Cihan Hospital, is responsible for ensuring the protection of the diagnosis and treatment of patients applying for treatment, in accordance with hospital policies, in a timely, equal and complete education and rights of the board.

Our duties are making evaluations about the criticism and suggestions of the patients, conducting studies to improve patient rights applications, determining training requirements related to patient rights practices, determining priorities, determining educational topics, determining appropriate time, place, application areas and educated persons with all units to cooperate.

Facility Safety Committee


To ensure the safety of hospital staff and patients in accordance with the standards in Private Cihan Hospital, to ensure the security of hospital infrastructure, to ensure the safety of life and property in the institution, to conduct emergency and disaster management activities, to carry out waste management activities, to plan, to maintain, to measure, to calibrate and to calibrate medical devices are our responsibilities. In addition, our responsibilities are to ensure the safe management of hazardous materials, to ensure the regular and clean environment of the hospital, to perform the inspection and maintenance of elevator, electricity, generator, medical gas, wastewater, ventilation systems, to take necessary measures against fire and sabotage, to perform periodic exercises. It is the committee established to take precautions against any possible danger, to follow up the necessary measurements and to create a plan for crisis situations.


Infection Control Committee


It is the committee in Private Cihan Hospital that is responsible for ensuring accurate, timely and thorough control and limiting of hospital infections in accordance with hospital policies and standards.


Employee Safety Committee


Private Cihan Hospital, in line with its vision, mission and policies, is a committee established to determine the hazards that may arise from the working environment of the employees, to determine the risks that may arise from these hazards and to ensure the mitigation of risks, and to take preventive measures against these risks determined by risk assessment on unit and employee basis. To make root cause analyzes in cases related to employee safety, to reduce the risks of exposure to physical violence, to make the necessary arrangements for reducing the risks of injury to the penetrating and piercing tool, to work on reducing the risks of transmission with blood and body fluids, to ensure health screening, is a committee established in our hospital in order to provide trainings related to the subject.


Transfusion Committee


In Private Cihan Hospital, it is the committee that is responsible for providing appropriate blood product to the patients and keeping the transfusion reactions in minimum amount, keeping the blood transfusions and safe blood transfusion in the appropriate amount and providing the continuous training of all blood bank employees and all the personnel in the transfusion chain. The Committee examines the use of available blood and blood products in the hospital and identifies working strategies and priority initiatives according to the available data. It develops criteria for auditing transfusion applications and is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the statistical reports of the blood center.

Rational Drug Use Team


The team is responsible for planning and conducting studies to raise awareness about rational drug use and to ensure that hospital operations are carried out within the framework of rational drug use principles.

In order to raise awareness in the use of rational drugs, to prepare the hospital, to conduct regular surveys to measure the effectiveness of the program, to determine the patient's policy on the use of rational medicines, to plan the activities of the health personnel and the health activities related to the use of rational drugs and to bring the activities together with the reasons of the activities planned to be carried out tasks.


Employee Opinion and Suggestion Evaluation Team


It is obliged to evaluate the Employee Satisfaction Surveys and to perform the necessary improvement works related to the personnel working in our hospital every 3 months.


Patient Safety Committee


In line with the policies and standards of Private Cihan Hospital,  it is the established committee to provide accurate identification of patients, to ensure the establishment of an effective communication environment among employees, to provide safe drug application, to ensure the safety of transfusion, to ensure the safety of radiation, to reduce the risks arising from falls, to provide safe surgery, to ensure the safety of medical devices and follow-up make and finalize.

Education Committee


This committee aims to plan quality standards training, in-service trainings, adaptation trainings and trainings for patients, to ensure the implementation of the training plan, to evaluate the non-plan educational demands together with the reasons, to ensure that the appropriate ones are realized, to organize the education of the patients and their relatives is established to prepare or ensure the preparation.