CİHAN HASTANESİ is in Kocaeli City Center Yenişehir Mah. Başak Cad. Contact Özden directly It has 9.000 m2 closed area in Bekirpaşa. We are at the service of our patients since 17 May 2013. Our hospital is a physician-partnered institution and has a total of 50 partners including 44 Physicians, 2 Dentists, 2 Pharmacists and 2 Self-Employed.


Special Cankatan Medical Center, which was put into service as the continuation of our institution, 52 physicians are working. The capacity of 74 beds in our establishment has increased our capacity to 120 by our high level of occupancy rates, health services offered by our people and the appreciation of our people to our hospital.


After the approval by the Ministry of Health, we have reached a total of 120 beds, including 20 General Intensive Care Beds, 22 New Born Intensive Care Beds, 4 Coronary Intensive Care Beds and 74 Service Beds. In addition, 4 operating rooms, 2 delivery rooms, advanced radiology and laboratory units, endoscopy unit, sleep laboratory, fully equipped Odio Laboratory, Healthy Living Clinic, Allergy Laboratory, EEG and EMG Laboratory, Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Center, ESWT Unit, Aesthetic Unit in our hospital. There are many health services that require expertise. Our hospital has the highest bed capacity in our city with this infrastructure. In the next stage, we aim to revitalize health tourism in our province and region by making studies for health tourism.