Quality Management Directorate

Quality Studies in Private Cihan Hospital

As you know, quality work is a very long process. It is very difficult to plan, implement and control this dynamic process. We planned our work together with all our colleagues. We achieved 70 percent of the standards, which consisted of approximately 1500 sub-components, in a short period of time of 6 (six) months. The results of the periodic self-evaluations are very pleasing.


Our priority is patient and employee satisfaction as well as the safety of our patients and employees. Quality studies bring the same quality and common service in all of our hospitals.


Again, these studies provide identification, prevention and improvement of possible errors. Patient rights and patient privacy are highly protected. Our priority was training. In each unit we have given separate training and organized information meetings.


Our first goal was to raise awareness and we created this awareness. It is very important that you are a team that is compatible with your colleagues. We are one of the lucky institutions that can capture the team spirit with all our employees. Then, as with all quality studies, we have written what we did and we applied the principle of Do-Written for each unit. All our units say you're doing it right now. Continuous improvement and continuous improvement is very important to us. Of course, it is not possible to explain our work in a few pages. What is important is not only to create a written document, but to make all stakeholders part of this process. Otherwise, you cannot succeed.


It is very important to get the support of management in all studies. We have received this support at all stages of our process of quality studies and we continue to receive this support.


In 2014, we have planned continuous improvement and development activities. As it is known, the accreditation studies of the Ministry of Health started to give results this year. Our goal is to be accredited this year.