Rational Drug Use Policy

Rational Drug Use is the use of medication that is appropriate to the clinical needs of patients and meets the individual characteristics of the patient, at the cost that they can pay for themselves and the society in which they live.


In order to determine the policies for Rational Drug Use in our hospital and to implement them; Ekip Team Responsible for Intelligent Drug Use Sorumlu was established.

At the time we carry out our treatment services, we provide all our employees with explanations about rational drug use at regular intervals and to inform our patients about the new developments in this regard, to educate each patient and their patient relatives about rational drug use during their hospitalization, to ensure that the correct diagnosis is given by appropriate dosage, proper time, , to evaluate drug efficacy and patient compliance continuously and to receive information from our patients about this subject, to evaluate interactions in multiple drug use and food interactions with drugs in advance, to apply rational treatment to our patients and inform the patient about this subject, unnecessary antibiotic therapy to the patients who are being treated at the hospital.- our priorities are to reduce drug use and to make studies on this subject, to inform about the importance of rational drug use with the support of all health personnel and to take into account the applicability of the planned treatment and the cost of the treatment in different directions. Wrong and unnecessary drug use is a serious problem affecting public health.