Visiting Policy

Visitor and Companion Rules


Dear Visitors and Attendants; During our hospitalization period; We are aware that getting support from relatives and meeting with loved ones will have a positive effect on the healing process. For your health and your own health, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following issues.


Visit Rules


Visiting hours in our hospital; Weekdays and weekends are between 10: 00-22: 00.

Please contact the nurse of the supervisor if you have any unusual circumstances (urgent inpatient).

The body resistance of children under 12 years is low. Do not visit to protect your child's health.

We apply a special diet program to our patients in our hospital. Do not place food and / or drinks in the rooms.

We do not accept live flowers in the rooms due to the risk of infection. Once you have discharged, you can deliver the flower to the nursing home nurse.

After surgery, your patient's doctor will come to the room to provide information, so wait in the patient's room after the operation.

For the health of the patient after surgery; it is inconvenient to have two visitors at the same time in the room.

Do not sit on patient beds for hygiene during your visit.

Hand hygiene is very important for you and your patient during your visit. Therefore, use the hand disinfectants in the patient rooms before and after the visit.

Limit the duration of your visit to 10 minutes per visit.

Avoid movements that may cause discomfort for the comfort of our other patients during your stay in the hospital. Observe the notes on the use of mobile phones.

Providing patient privacy is essential for us. Do not share information about your patient with anyone inside the hospital.

If your patient's visit and / or companionship is prohibited by a doctor, observe this rule for his or her health.


Accompanying Rules


For the health of your patient and other patients; only 1 companion is allowed in the rooms.

In the evening at 22:00 in the room should only be accompanied by a patient companion. We have a separate companion menu for you during your escort. Your room; do not place food and / or beverages on the outside.

In our hospital, patient care is provided only by our medical staff, do not interfere with the patient.

There is no companion application in the intensive care departments of our hospital.

 We kindly ask you to pay attention to the following points;


Do not speak loudly in rooms and service corridors for your patients and other patients. Observe the notes on the use of mobile phones.

Use the televisions in the rooms so as not to disturb others.

Please inform the floor nurse in the accompanying changes.